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Gerhard Richter – Windows for Tholey’s monks

Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

The final significant oeuvre by Gerhard Richter is handmade in the Munich glass studio Gustav van Treeck: The “Bayerische Hofglasmalerei” (Royal Bavarian Studios for Glass Painting) realized the new artist windows for St. Mauritius in Tholey in a sophisticated level of design and craftsmanship. It is the church of one of the oldest abbey’s in Germany, which is near Saarbrücken.

Gerhard Richter’s drafts for the three choir windows are translated in glass in the Munich workshops. The church windows are based on artistically highly demanding templates that Gerhard Richter took from the 16-fold mirrored series of his digital work for the publication “Patterns – Devided – Mirrored – Repeated”.

Supported by intensive digital preparatory work, the Richter windows were manufactured as sandwich glazings. Using a wide range of glass painting techniques for example etching of hand-blown flashed glass, free paintings on float glass, screen printing and sandblasting.

Unlike the Cologne windows, Gerhard Richter presented the workshop with playful, detailed, and colorful drafts for Tholey as well as big creative and technical challenges.

So the studio had to get the images onto the glass in an optimal way. The creative concept to use digital image processing to support the traditional craftsmanship took off – the paintings of Richter translated in glass are now illuminating one of German’s oldest abbeys.

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For a larger view please click on one of these images. An interactive slide show will open.
Motifs © Gerhard Richter 2020 (04082020)


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Contemporary glass screens

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

On the occasion of summer solstice 2017 the english stained glass artist Brian Clarke has shown new fantastic screens made of hand-blown glasses. The Munich Studios Gustav van Treeck hand-crafted the art works “Leipzig” und “Lincoln’s Inn”.

The glass panes of the screens are made of hand-blown flashed glasses. The glass painters attended them exactly towards the artistic original with screen printing and etching technologies. Requests for the artworks via the artist’s gallery.

For a larger view please click on one of these images. An interactive slide show will open.

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