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A solution for or each concept

We support the artist in all questions relating to realizing his/her idea. In our studios art is created by using traditional as well as innovative, never before seen methods and techniques. To create new and unique masterpieces time and again, we find the right technical solution for every project.

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Vorbereitung SchmelztechnikAtelier der Werkstätten van TreeckVorbereitung SchmelztechnikVorbereitung SchmelztechnikMosaizist bei der ArbeitProf. Florian JakowitschVorbereitung Fusing, Moderne GlasmalereiPaulusfensterMosaikkunst in den Werkstätten Gustav van TreeckSchmelzofenTypografie in Glas - FusingTypografie in Glas - FusingTypografie in Glas - FusingMosaikkunst in den WerkstättenMosaik OppenriederAtelierfenster WeberAtelierfenster WeberAtelierfenster WeberAtelierfenster Weberklosterkloster

Glass painting – a broad field

Today the term “glass painting” is generally used for various glass treatments. It ranges from the modern glass design of the 20th and 21th century to the traditional methods of historical styles. The conventional methods of glass painting techniques like painting and glazing are also relevant in the modern process. Thus we are using (coloured) sometimes mouth blown glasses that are cut into shape. In glass painting we are also applying additional techniques such as:

  • various painting techniques
  • sand blasting
  • etching
  • bonding techniques

Floatglass painting – a technique which creates new techniques

Floatglass painting is a modern technique of painting on window glass also named float glass. The process can be achieved by means of glass painting, airbrushing, screen-printing, etching or sand blasting. Options: Panes up to 150 x 250 cm or even bigger, pane thickness in commercially available float glass measures. Processing to ESG, TVG, VSG. Drillings, formings, etc. are also possible.

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HelftaSt. Magdalena Altötting BoisselSt. Magdalena Altötting BoisselLesjak Galerie Gustav van TreeckDarko Lesjak  - Galerie Gustav van TreeckFloatglasmalerei LesjakFloatglasmalerei LesjakModerne Glasmalerei HeftaModerne Glasmalerei HeftaU-Bahn DülferstraßeU-Bahn DülferstraßeVeronika Flesch Glasobjekt WellenBayer-Wech #012Andreas d'Orfey

Glass melting techniques

At very high temperatures various melting techniques are applied, also in combination with coloured glasses and colour applications.The options are:

  • Fusing (Structure melting, also with motives)
  • Sinking
  • 3D-objects: Accumulated glasses / glass sculptures
  • Special techniques: formings, bendings, drillings, fusions of materials etc. Processing to ESG, TVG, VSG on demand.

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Typografie in Glas - FusingVernissage Werkstätten van Treeck Mai 2010Strukturiertes Floatglas, BoisselFloat, BoisselGlaskunstvan Elst LiedertafelGlaskunstKloster Metten, BibliothekAnatoliy Shyshchuk - Gedenkstätte KaprunVorbereitung SchmelztechnikKloster Metten, Bibliothekd'OrfeyModernes GlasKloster Metten, Bibliothek

Mosaic – pieces of art in perfection

Mosaic is a collective term for the wide range from classical to modern mosaic techniques. With diverse materials and application techniques, artists and architects have interesting possibilities to create works of art.

It is of the utmost importance how our skilled mosaic tilers implement these techniques. Our fascinating collection of assorted stone-, glass- and gold-mosaic materials in hundreds of colours is as valuable as our long-standing tradition and experience in producing and installing mosaics.

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GrabsteinmosaikMosaik OppenriederMosaikrestaurierung Kirche BernauKurhaustheater Göggingen BodenmosaikMosaik Neues Museum BerlinFrauenau HuthFrauenau, Mosaik HuthMosaik Wien FriedhofskapelleMosaizist bei der ArbeitWandmosaik Fred StelzigBodenmosaik U-Bahn Haderner SternWandmosaik SchwimmbadBrunnenmosaik Leonard LorenzMosaik Roger Kausch