About us

About us

Your partner for mosaic art and glass painting since 1887

The Munich Studios Gustav van Treeck GmbH stand in line of tradition with one of the oldest families of stained glass painters of modern times: In 1830 Peter Mathias van Treeck founded this tradition in the Rhineland. An ornamental stained glass window, painted and signed by him in 1845, laid the foundation to this tradition.

In the field of glass painting, window design and mosaic the Gustav van Treeck Studios collaborate with artists, architects, building authorities, art departments, private and public clients, in the field of restoration with institutions for the preservation of ancient and historical monuments, museums, churches, public and private collectors.

In this collaboration we see ourselves as the executors. We support our clients throughout the process of creating the artwork, from providing advice to project development and realization. We are always innovative and love to take on new challenges and to solve new, complex issues.


A short overview of the company’s history:
  • The Munich company was founded in 1887 by Gustav van Treeck sen. (1834 – 1930). He was educated in Nuremburg by the famous glass painter and artist Johann Georg Kellner. He studied painting in the classes of professor August Kreling and Professor Friedrich Wanderer.
  • 1903, after executing several mainly ecclesiastical glass paintings, the enterprise was appointed “Bayerischen Hofglasmalerei” (Royal Bavarian Studios for Glass Painting).
  • In time of art nouveau and art deco the studios started to operate internationally.
  • 1910 the studios began to implement mosaics.
  • 1925 Carl (1881 – 1958), Gustav jun. (1884 – 1967) and Konrad “Kurt” van Treeck (1890 – 1980), the sons of the founder, started to conduct the business – the two first-mentioned were artists, last-mentioned a tradesman.
  • They founded branch offices in Breslau and in Milwaukee/USA.
  • In 1953 the studios demonstrated their open mindedness toward new developments: They were the first in Germany to created colored concrete glazings – a new method imported from France.
  • The third generation started in 1961 with Konrad van Treeck and some years later with Prof. Dr. Peter van Treeck.
  • In 1974 the studios added on a department for the conservation and restoration of historical glass paintings.
  • In 2015  journalist and communication designer Katja Zukic together with the glass painting master Raphaela Knein took over the management of the studios. They are striving for innovative and trend-setting ideas in the field of glass painting and mosaic. Prof. Dr. Peter van Treeck is still active as a consultant.
  • The design collection “edition van Treeck” is launched in 2015.